Selecting your product

How does it work?  We think our website is pretty special. You can come into our shop at any time and design your own exclusive cake and have it delivered to your door or you can collect it from your chosen location. So no need to queue you can build your cake from home or the office. There is even a quick build section if you are in a rush. But hopefully you will enjoy the fun and excitement of coming into our shop. You can choose the size, type of cake, colour of icing, type your own birthday message and even upload an image of your choice. Or if you are busy please just click on “Quick build” and that will take you to a shorter process. After you pay you will be shown any other of our products that you may wish to buy. Couldn’t be easier.


Is payment secure?  Yes payment is secure. We use the Paypal system. See our security policy which will reassure you. We do not hold your personal or account details.  Once you have created an account you can come back anytime you want.


What if I change my mind?  Well, once you have placed your order we will tell you as we design, build and bake your cake. But if you are quick enough we will always try to help. However once Bob the baker has started baking your cake it may be too late.

How much notice should I give when I order my cake?  For a single cake we like to have at least four day’s notice. 

Novelty Cakes? Unfortunatley we cannot deliver novelty style cakes in the post, as there is a greater risk of damage to these style of cakes. You can visit one of our outlets to order a novelty style cake for collection. Contact the office to find out where our shops are. Tel. 028 9083 6686. 

Our service

How much is delivery?  This is a very important part of our service – there’s no point in a cake turning up as a pile of crumbs. So we have an excellent delivery service in place and costs start from £10.00 for Northern Ireland and £15.00 for Republic of Ireland deliveries. For UK mainland it is £20.00. If you order more than one cake to the same delivery address then there is an additional £2.00 per cake for delivery. Certain areas may vary in delivery cost.


What are the breakdown of cake costs?  7 x 7 Iced all Over £18.00, for chocolate sponge £2.00 extra, coloured icing 0.50p extra, toppings £1.00 each (max two), cake image £4.00.

What if there is a problem when the cake arrives?  Please check and sign for the cake when it is delivered. If there is something you are not happy with, please phone us straight away. See our returns policy.

Can I ask Bob for help?  Yes! Please feel free to contact him at anything. Bob is a master baker and happy to answer any question. He is also there to offer advice if you are baking yourself. The more questions the better. View our on line tutorials.

Can I track delivery?  Yes. We will inform you by email of the status of your cake. Alternatively you can click on to your account and track progress yourself.

Do I have to sign for my delivery?
  Yes. Just to make sure you get and are happy with the cake that you have designed. We will phone before delivery is made just to make sure you are completely happy with the cake.

Can you supply multiple cakes to more than one destination?  Certainly, as long as you give us enough notice and provide the correct names and addresses. We do it all the time. Our record order so far is for 300 cakes of various sizes delivered to 300 different locations – all required on the same day!

Our food
Is everything natural ingredients?  In Ashers we pride ourselves in using only the best ingredients. It’s that and the fact that the products are hand made that make our cakes exceptional.

Where do the ingredients come from?  Where possible we source all ingredients locally. Have a look in the baking room to see our supplier list.

Where is my food prepared?  All cakes are baked in our Newtownabbey bakery.

Who bakes my food?  All products are hand made by our master bakers. They have trained for many years and are very experienced at making our exceptional cakes.

Is my food organic?  Where possible we use locally grown and certified organic products. We aim to have every thing organic soon.

Is my food nut free?  Our bakery is not nut free, so please call and check if you have any doubts.

What if I have allergies?  Please email or phone and tell us if you have any allergies and we do our best to help. After all we wouldn’t want you to miss out on our yummy products.

Cake Size

In the Buildacake section we only give two choices of size for convenience and fun. We do a whole range of other sizes which can be collected from our stores


Our boxes

Is my box re-cyclable?  Yes, you can recycle our boxes, but please take the clear window off the box before you re-cycle.


Our Fillings

Cakes are with a Jam & Cream filling.